Author Topic: Good news, everyone! The DKP is flowing again...  (Read 465161 times)

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Good news, everyone! The DKP is flowing again...
« on: July 20, 2010, 08:36:41 am »
[ Update 2: ]
The recruit's Application Form located [ here ] is now functioning as intended and have been re-enabled.

[ Update 1: ]
It seems like some people have a hard time understanding how applications work.  First and foremost, the forum was deleted in its entire entity, that means, the 2 topics and 8 replies that was made throughout all yesterday, has been lost.
You will need to re-login on the forum to update your password.

Once you've done that, you need to make sure that you've been promoted to the right membergroup as the DKP website relies on these to give you the right access.  If you can't login on the DKP website, getting the error saying "Wrong Username or Password", then you are not in the right membergroup and need to make a short message in this thread (Forum Access and Ideas >> Please post here to gain Access!) before you can successfully login on the DKP website and start making changes!

I've been up all night mainly fixing 2 things for all of you; The forum and the DKP website.

You should now again be able to log-in on the DKP site located here without much of a problem!

NOTICE: You'll notice right away that all of your settings have been wiped! This is mainly because we have changed a lot of software in the server move. You will need to re-associate your character and update your settings on the Raid Planner for everything to be accurate again!

DKP from Thursday and Sunday have been updates successfully as well.  Sunday's raid is missing 3 players, so, if your not listed in Sunday's raid, please send me a PM through the forums.

- Volcano Legion Officers
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