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« on: July 20, 2010, 04:48:23 am »
Huge congratulations to our very own officer, [armory]Kytra[/armory] who just attained his very own [item]Shadowmourne[/item] today!

With only 2 shards remaining and 2 bosses left in Icecrown, everyone had their bets on him having to complete Shadowmourne next week, at Lord Marrowgar. Lady luck really was on his side today when we noticed one shard laying within the loot window of Professor Putricide, and we got even more surprised as we defeated the Lich King just to find a very lucky, but last remaining shard laying between the tanking mace, polearm and the protector tokens.

Again, huge congratulations from everyone in the guild, to you, Kytra.
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